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Focus on Central Eastern Europe, Russia & Crossboarder Countries

Western Business Urged to Look "East" For Success

London is no longer looking at when west meets east but at how the east will redefine the west and the way we do business.

By understanding this fundamental and fast changing, AITI HOLDINGS can ensure its international clientele they are in a position to respond swiftly and effectively.

Not simple with 'low cost production and labour destination' solutions, AITI HOLDINGS will help businesses with financial tools (traditional and structured) to take advantages of the opportunities on the EAST through our on-the-ground presence of qualified associated teams of consultants working under the AITI's brand and supervised by AITI HOLDINGS, London. Of course, we will demand to the clients to submit cleared projects & measurable goals.

On this purpose we have tailored four (4) entry-gates to look east:

  • Kaliningrad Region: Russian Federation. The Special Economic Zone based on this enclave close to Baltic States and to Poland
  • Brest Region: Belarus. The Region closest to the Polish border and on the main road from Germany to Russia
  • Saratov, Volga Region (Russian Federation). The Special Economic Zone located on south-east of Moscow and considered the way to enter the heart of Russia.
  • Zhytomyr Region: Ukraine, The Western region of Ukraine located close to many EU-member states and well positioned to supply Russian market as well as other crossborder countries on the way to go to Far East

In all the above geographical areas AITI HOLDINGS shows the flag and its presence through direct resident AITI teams as indicated in the below map:

Corridor A: Slovakia - Poland - Kaliningrad - Russia (Moscow) -Siberia (Novosibirsk).

eastern europe map

Corridor B: Slovakia - Ukraine (Kiev & Odessa) - Kazakhstan - China.

eastern europe map

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