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The marketing of our business is to be able to offer to you a person-to-person advisory service with discretion and a low profile.

Company Profile

The Company's role is to understand the financial requirements arising in client's global business and to recommend solutions by which such needs may be satisfied. This can be through a combination of both traditional and no-traditional (or structured) finance. The Company offers a professional advisory service maintaining a low profile whether acting in the name of the clients or on their behalf. The Company knows that an organisation's strength lies in the qualities of those who work within. This is especially true in a financial business and this is the reason why the Company emphasises the quality and not the quantity of those making up the team of UK and overseas associates.

A definition

The so-called "merchant banks" in London (or "investment banks" as they are called in New York) are now seldom merchants and by no means always bankers. The title is often related to a generic description of businesses that operate in the financial sector, whether they perform pure banking services, or marketing services, or not. However the merchant banks have the main role of providing corporate finance services, for example, advising companies, partnerships, or government or semi-government organisations and agencies on their financial requirements, including the advising of parties involved on either side of a take-over bid and in mergers. Strictly in this role they do no banking business. The range of these services reflects the growing complexity of international trade. Customers do not have single financial problems for which single solutions are needed, they have a complex of interrelated problems to which there maybe a number of answers and the merchant banks concerned as Financial Advisers ("advisor") must know all the possible answers and must recommend the combination that is appropriate. Such a combination of professional services includes advice on methods of funding and raising long-term capital, not only in London but also in the international capital markets; the arranging of loans, short-term like bridge loans and/or medium-term; the issuing and the handling of financial instruments; the management of institutional and private investment portfolios; the provision of insurance broking facilities and advising on export strategies and finance-related matters.


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